April 15, 2004

Learning to teach

I attended a colloquium today. It was given by J a seasoned professor who enlivens the department. I spoke up to defend a point he made about computer instruction. At the same time I have been helping to promote computer instruction this past term.

I met with J and we talked about her conference in cultural studies. It might be fun to attend I said. It is May 1st.

I am starting to review the course material for my exam on the 26th.

I borrowed a couple of more books from the library focusing on participatory democracy and also unfair enrichment. I took back a book on electronic warfare and also a book on intelligence agencies. I know when I start studyng war I am getting into trouble with paranoia.

I need to study more law and focus on the studies I should be doing that match the course I am taking or planning to take or have taken. Epistomology is the thing to help me focus.

Posted by petert at April 15, 2004 11:49 PM