April 26, 2004

Up early for my exam a little frazzelled

Well my plan was to wake up at about 10 PM and sleep at 10 am yesterday. But instead I slept at 3 am and woke up at 2:14. So now some 19 hours later I am a bit tired. Not the best way to write an exam. But I have been scan reading the casebook for two hours this morning.

Financial pressures eased a little this morning but by the end of the day we will be broke again. Most of this spending will be on consumables except for some clothing.

At work one other co-worker is also a student at my school. He studies sociology and political science and business. He will also be attending summer school. Another co-worker I met on Saturday is a law student at our cities law school which is a different university. He is writing three exams this week. He found out I have schizophrenia because of my big mouth and the fact that he remembered the article in the paper about me graduating in 2002. But he said he would be quiet about it.

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