April 27, 2004

Recovery is no secret here

I credit two things for my recovery. One I made friends and focused on schizophrenia for about five years in a self-help group just for those of us with schizophrenia. This led me to participating in organising self help and consumer survivor groups and the development of my social and political skills. These certainly helped me get through to working again and feeling good about myself around other people. I was just this morning doing some paid work for a consumer/survivor group as a web master so this self help movement has also led me from getting help, to volunteering, and now to working in this movement. It also helped me get busy with school and other paid work so I would not drift off into a fantasy world anymore. I also had to be taught to be clear about what a fantasy world is and when I was going into my personal fantsay world and how to avoid staying there.

Two by focusing on this disorder I have been able to read more books about schizophrenia and learn more about this illness and then go beyond that over the years studying addictions, depression, anxiety, general psychology and more recently the mentally disordered offender. All this has helped me learn about myself and those who I know with severe mental disorders.

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