May 07, 2004

Lots of friends yesterday

I am also stressed with an appointment I made today for 5:15 to do some union transactions. I am picking up the ball a bit on union activities but there is so much work to do. This is all volunteer too and I don't make any money doing this work. Yesterday I called four or five union members about our meeting next week.

I have been up since 3 pm yesterday. I did not do too much yesterday but did socialise quite a bit with family and friends.

L stayed over and her partner is being abusive. I got her interested in going back to school.

R also came by and I gave him the solar flashlight I had promised him for his birthday. He is 35 now. He and L got along well last night over a couple of beers.

E got out of hospital at least for a visit and is back there over night. He had some delusion about an army recruiter who had once called here and he had answered. I confronted him about this delusion to which he said I was an egotist and also that I was rude. Now that I think about it perhaps the recruiter did ask him to join the army and if this had happened perhaps he would have bragged about it a bit embellishing details a little. No harm done but perhaps I can't spot a delusion, in fact.

I talked to my brother via Internet iChat connection and really impressed L because she is a former computer programmer with a college education.

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