May 14, 2004

My wife recycles

My wife recycled all the newspapers I was saving. I just save them because I haven't read them yet.

I don't pay for them I earn them by helping the newspaper person with his work. He is high strung but he has a pressured job to get the paper delivered on time. All the newspaper carriers are so pressured. I guess that is my piece of the media world. That is my media job and allows me to count as in counting newspapers and get a little spending cash but actually very little.

Oh well all the old newspapers are now recycled. My wife keeps the apartment clean and I do too, but most people in Canada would find we live in a mess.

I found messyness disatisfying but I can't change it. So I don't bother changing it. I pick up everyday a little but make more mess everyday too.

Posted by petert at May 14, 2004 01:41 AM