May 17, 2004

I got hired again for the summer term.

There is not as much work as a teaching assistant in the summer term. I guess the right wing politicians here have been slagging teachers because they believe they get the summer off. I have been following articles in the paper and on the web about teaching more this past week.

I got hired for the summer term. I am also going to be teaching statistics and I feel I have good communications with the hiring boss by email.

I also have a very good schedule for the summer term. One hour on Monday teaching, three hours Tuesday class for myself, five hours role playing game on Wednesday, three hours class on Thursday and then Friday social night with C and J and E. Then possibly work my other job on the weekends.

My sister-in-law number 1 is becoming a teacher. She got admitted to perhaps the number one teacher's college in our country for next year. She also graduated from the university I am studying at. We don't communicate much her and I. This is not healthy but perhaps she is a sister-in-law we do not have the same bond or need to communicate a lot.

I was studying some drug and alcohol and the family pamphlet yesterday that inspired that last statement. Communicative families are healthy families but perhaps those of us with schizophrenia take too much of our families times to communicate. I think of schizophrenia as a family problem or perhaps it has a family solution. The disability support program Act preamble tends to agree with this. Families are part of the solution to recovery at least financially.

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