May 18, 2004

Finding students to tutor

I often thought in my lonleyness of a special significance talking to strangers. Yesterday I struck up a conversation with someone at the light rail stop. Actually he asked me about the fare for the train. I had meant just to mention the weather as it was a very nice day just getting hot these days. We started talking and I found out he is studying psychological statistics courses this summer and he needed help. He accepted my offer to tutor him. He is also a consumer with different problems not schizophrenia. He said he was impressed that my disability was invisible. I told him I sometimes grow a little stuble on my face to look the part.

I also met a former student I tutored last winter in 2003. He is taking three math courses this summer and he also asked me to tutor him. This could work out to 40-60 dollars extar a week.

I met with my new supervisor yesterday and she says the work should be easy. It is only the basic statistics we cover in the course so should not be too difficult. I mean to get my certification in Basic SAS programmer by the end of the summer. That is one of my work-study goals.

Posted by petert at May 18, 2004 04:03 PM



I found your comment "I sometimes grow a little stubble on my face to look the part" very funny. Its great to see the wry sense of humor continues!


Posted by: Brian at May 19, 2004 01:36 AM

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