May 21, 2004

Yesterday's work related stuff

I signed my assignment of duties form with my new supervisor yesterday M. She even gave me tutorial centre hours. I was able to schedule these with A one of my professors from the past as A looks after the tutorial centre. This arrangment pleased me and I am happy with this work condition. I did study the union's CA yesterday and maybe this helped make this process pleasing. There have been some reports of vandelism in the new centre that is only one year old now in its new location.

I also talked to my scheduling supervisor in another job and there is no work this week or next.

Therefore I should try to get as much of my school work done as possible in this week and next.

I was able to help with the newspaper route today. The fellow who does the route D is limping badly and it is sad to see him have to work himself to death just to make a living. He is a polio survivor.

I have another job where I have completed my hours for fiscal 2003 now. My employer the self help group network now owe me nothing and I owe them nothing. We need to negotiate the next years work, that is this year fiscal 2004.

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