May 21, 2004

R & E and I discussed the problem with W

I doubt any person with schizophrenia could not end up a lawyer if they could study for that job. Tonight R and E got to discussing W and his not returning things or paying for things we all sold him. We decided maybe we should call the police about it. The police women told me that I can't report it as theft because we loaned him the stuff. We would only have civil law recourse. Instead she advised we no longer deal with him. I told W in a phone message we would be doing no more business with him. He then called back. He explained he would return R's video games and movies and that he was going through issues. Seems R and E and I can discuss human problems as they arise. After all E's father was a lawyer and member of parliament. Resolution is one step further now.

E and R are over and getting along. C and J are here too and we all watched the TV show Joan of Arcadia about a young teenage girl who hears from GOD. I was in my room printing out laws for school work. Now they are watching 20/20 on siblings. I can't stand 20/20 personally so I am still in my office doing computing.

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