June 04, 2004

Crunch time at school again.

I have about 9 pages done of a twenty page paper. I need to write another 11 pages of text or maybe ten or nine and I am done this paper. It is due June 24th.

I also am doing a presentation for next Thursday the 10th. I have done all the research for the presentation I just need to write the slides for the computer slide show. I have the form to borrow the projector from the school's media department. I just need to get our instructor C. to sign the form next Tuesday. The media staff know C. and report he is a good guy. He works in our nation's justice department. We do a lot of discussions in the classes. It is an interesting course so far. I have put in about 50 hours so far out of class time for 14 hours class time. I misssed Tuesday's class because I was adjusting my sleep for work. So a little better than 3 to 1 out of class to in class work on this course so far.

I am reading some other books about various topics from private security guards to encryption software. I completed reading the Larry Davidson book Living Outside Mental Illness: Qualitative Studies of Recovery in Schizophrenia. It was a good read and confirms that the person must take an active role in recovery and must to some extent be their own hero. Also social support in other words having a least one person who is there for the person is key to recovery. Although psychosis causes social isolation we all want to be with people and we all want friends and a social life. So recovery is possible when we find a social life that supports us.

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