June 05, 2004

J and C over again also E.

J and C were here again. C and I have identified that she has been more depressed these last few weeks. I have noticed her being more negative. Tonight she was not so negative. I watched the Joan of Arcadia which we all watched. Then as was thought out by E and I earlier on the phone we watched Laura Croft Tomb Raider. Actually the others watched it. I started to get bit by my anxiety over the books I borrowed last night at school not being read. I went to my messy office and summerised another article for my slide show for next Thursday's in class presentation. I came back out to the living room just after 11 pm the time I set for everyone to leave each week. We didn't talk much then and everyone left in good order. J finally left his short story for me to read.

My wife drank some beer yesterday and had her friend L over earlier. They watched TV all afternoon while I worked installing Linux on an old laptop with some luck but also no good end result.

R has been trying to share his friends with me or in business speak he has asked if he could let his friends N and T have my phone number and email address. I need N's help with my windows computer and possible spyware on board or addware. R says that N would like to talk to me. I would also like to talk to N. It is because we both help R with his computer so we are both computer problem solvers. But will this work? Will R be able to network his two friends with me? What will my role be and how active will I need to be to affect this?

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