June 16, 2004

Just the conclusion to write now.

I have just the conlusion for my essay and term paper to write now. I have enough of the body done now. I might add some more sign posts in the paper as the counselor at the disabled students centre likes my sign posts in my paper. I edited out my original ones after a clarity rewrite of the legal section. That was a good rewrite as I added more about the classification of information that I had learned in a computer security workshop I attended back in 1996.

Back then I was a stage hand taking flupenthixol by injection and still drinking. I took that 6 hour workshop as a stress break that term as it was my only course that term. These days I take 26 classes per term for about 18 months now and a little less than that course load before my last stress break in fall 2002. In fall 2002 I took only one course about 13 classes. That course was in the history of ethics. My next stress break begins in two weeks. I am not studying homelessness this summer term but stopping studies at the end of sprng term and starting up again in September.

I got a video CD with the New York Surveillance Camera Players Walking Tour of Chelsea on it. I was able to quote Bill Brown on video cameras for my paper. I also found a newspaper article on video surveillance that quoted the Commissioner of the RCMP so my paper is just about done now.

I am just up early in the morning about to help deliver the newspapers and also mark some assignments for my teaching assistant duties. I will also read some newspapers and some books early this morning and not go to sleep until after my city hall meeting on the committee on accessibility issues. It meets at 16:00 and the meeting is over always by 18:00. So I should sleep by 19:00 or about 28 hours awake today from yesterday at 15:00 in the afternoon.

Today I have to buy more printer ink, attend a writting tutorial appointment to check my paper and then sign some cheques for the union before going off to city hall direct from campus.

I am not feeling really up right now or down. I am sort of dry and excited by all the reading and learning I am doing. I have worked about 78 hours now out of class for 22.5 hours in class so a little worse than 4/1 out of class to in class ratio in terms of work load.

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