June 21, 2004

Didn't study much on Sunday

I didn't study much on Sunday. I did tie in my theme better to one of my points in my paper. I also printed the paper here at my dad's and gave that copy to M for her and B to read.

I installed R a statistical software on my windows XP laptop. I also found out about ESS and installed it on the WinXP laptop. I got xemacs configured to work on this winXP laptop and used them on Sunday night. My dad gave me a little demo of emacs and also got me a one page emacs command guide.

I helped my dad network his two linux computers and can therefore do more on Linux now. My networking skills are improving. I am feeling pretty good and my dad gave me an old sample bag of his that I think will be very good for carrying lots of books.

I was able finally to surf the http://www.coffeehouse.ca site and emailed a couple of Ottawa members. It would cost us 18$ a month to join that network. We would get our own web sites based on our names used on the network. I could get a pierreanoid.com site. J could get a site based on her pen name. We could market her books there and also our music if we could record and make mp3's. I feel like we would have to put in a lot of effort to do this.

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