June 27, 2004

Taking the video camera back to the store

I phoned my MPP to get some help with this video camera purchase because sales law is governed by the provincial government. I am also going to try to take the camera back to the department store today. When the other camera arrives I am also taking it back unopened. The camera seemed to be a video camera but only takes 3 minutes of video.

This liberal MPP is also supportive of the disabled community and he has attended the walk the world for schizophrenia before. He is also a good supporter of subsidised housing. This is not bad politics considering that I vote green. I guess I live in an enlightened community.

I am at ebay bidding on some computer equipment today that a friend will also buy from me. It is R and he is very reliable.

I might buy a new Palm Tungsten E at the department store. But first I will visit the Palm web site and see what its features are.

Posted by petert at June 27, 2004 07:15 AM


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