July 07, 2004

Going to play Dungeons and Dragons

I have played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons since 1998. I have played with the same people loosing a few players and gaining a few over the years. I have played a hobgoblin, a human, a half elf, a drow elf and finally an elf. My present character the elf is a thief/mage. So he is a wizard.

I am just getting ready to ride my bike to our game. We used to play on Sunday nights now we play on Wednesday nights. V, T, M and G are playing tonight. We are also open for A or J to show up and play if they make it. V and T are marrried and M and A are boy friend and girl friend. I find this game relaxing and a good way to talk to people about various things. So it is a social life.

Posted by petert at July 7, 2004 06:22 PM


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