July 12, 2004

Volunteering and today's new and old jobs.

I am having a busy day. After years of having a low community content, the past year or so, our local paper has had more contact info for local groups. They used to list the drop-in hours and locations in the 1980's. Now they have a column of volunteers wanted and today I called four of these groups.

  • One is for supporting victims of crime and they have an orientation meeting tomorrow I hope to go to close to here. This should give me more practical legal experience and also extent my peer to peer skills.
  • Another group is the Folk Lore Festival and I hope to volunteer there near the end of August. I volunteered there a few years back and like the music they perform. My wife and I have wanted to perform at this festival but have never made the audtion.
  • Another event is taking place on September 11th in honour of volunteers and involves the Mayor and I volunteered to help with this march as a route marshall or something else the fellow had not quite decided based on my experiences, where to put me in this event.
  • The fourth group is a local museum and they need a web site editor. This would last until at least next year. I am keen on this position and need to send a resume.

I actually need to apply on line for the folk fest and to send resumes out the museum and also to the victims group. The most urgent is the museum but the victim's group I can fill out a form tomorrow night or on-line after the orientation.

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