July 17, 2004

Cleaning skills

I am fully aware that I have a very messy lifestyle as does my wife. Today I have to clean up the balcony. There is about two year of pigeon droppings out there. I have cleared the way to balcony door. I have basic breathing masks ready. I have an old pair of pants ready and some old workgloves. I have about 20 small kitchen catcher garbage bags ready to shovel the droppings into. I need still to get a long sleave shirt and the shovel from our buildings garbage room to still get. My wife is going out grocery shopping with her dad so I will clean then. I will shut the cat into the bedroom during this cleaning process. I will not attempt to stop the pigeons today. I have take some of the furniture that attracted them here off the balcony though and throw it out. This means a mosaic table my grandfather made may need to be throw out or better washed and stored away in our storage closet. I begin at about 12:30 in about 15 minutes from now.

Posted by petert at July 17, 2004 12:17 PM


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