July 30, 2004

More work comes my way

I got a fair amount of part-time security work this month as the full time workers are on holidays. I worked 17 hours in the past two days. I have 30 hours next week. Then 12 hours each for the mid and second last weeks of August.

I also have my private tutoring, which reminds me I have to phone my students tonight to book them some time for the weekend and next week.

I have my TA work too but my regular tutorial should not happen next week as there is a civic holiday and Monday is a holiday. Maybe I should arrange a make-up tutorial. I have one more assignment to mark for this work. I should fill in on the web an application form for this work for the fall term soon maybe tonight. I am not sure of my schedule for courses I will study but I can estimate for the TA form. On the application form I have to put the times of the week that I am not available such as when I have my own classes.

Posted by petert at July 30, 2004 04:44 PM


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