August 06, 2004

Working on the paper route this morning

I am helping the newspaper carrier with his route this morning. I am just on break. He does not have the money he promised me. Although he is a polio survivor he has learned in his life to exploit others with disabilites. He has used at least two people with schizophrenia and one person with a wheelchair to help him deliver the newspapers. He is really blameless as he was probably exploited earlier in the 20th century and has probably not been exposed to union knowledge or help. This seems to be one of the dangers of trying to work for people. Also he is very excited and has a high emotional affect while I help him. This is not a good situtation. But I get a free newspaper every day and that has helped me to stay informed, well read, and to do research on current legal topics and cases.

Posted by petert at August 6, 2004 02:36 AM


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