August 26, 2004

Internet shopping a blessing and a curse

While certainly I have been using the Internet to get better deals on older computers, the curse is that there is always a good deal on the Internet whether I have the money to buy the thing or not. I often push our budget so that I can afford the item for sale. This is not always a positive thing. It is slightly entertaining and if I act like my own counselor or analyst I should look at what I am getting out of this on-line shopping and what it is getting out of me. In other words I need to look at the pros and cons of Internet shopping.

I did buy at the pharmacy needed things today like soup and toothpaste and was able to talk my wife into brushing her teeth after her long funk where she would not care for her teeth. I also bought toiletries.

I am hopeing to buy some school supplies soon and books for the course work I need to do. I kind of decided on doing the numerical analysis course even with its early morning lectures. This means I need a textbook and some MATHLAB software. Although they have the MATHLAB software on almost all the campus machines. I need to figure out how to use the pay printers for students. But I would like a copy of MATHLAB for home use too. But also I need to buy a legal citation guide book and a current Canadian criminal code book. If I have the extra money I will buy an annotated copy for students.

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