August 31, 2004

Folk festival tear down went well

I stayed up to about 3 PM Monday from Sunday afternoon to do the tear down of the follk festival. It was good joining with the paid sound crew to move the PA and lights. Sometimes we were lifting 500 Lbs. crates. I also brought my tools and did a little bit of tear down carpentry. I also moved drums and fender amps. I put the fender amps in boxes. There was some moving of keyboards too.

I got a ride home from the lead production hand/volunteer manager of production. He was curious for some tips on managing volunteers with schizophrenia so I told him three key tips. Be calm, be firm and don't argue if someone is getting weird. I am also going to send him the URL for and

Later in the early afternoon I had an urgent BOD meeting at the psychiatric survivours of Ottawa where we decided who on the board would go to Toronto this September for a conference. I then came home and slept. I woke up at about 8 PM with only 7 hours sleep. I stayed up to about 2 am Tuesday then slept all morning until about 10 am.

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