September 05, 2004

Cleaning up

I got R to help me take out a desk and dump it in the garbage. I had originally gotten this desk in the garbage. So I reused it for about a year. I am trying to follow my mom's and wife's advice that we move the third couch we have in the living room. It is an obstacle in the exit path if we need to go on the balcony in the event of a fire. I want to put this other couch in my office, in our second bedroom, so that I have a comfortable place to study and not pile my books on the living room couch, as I am doing this past year now.

My wife watched three movies tonight. I chatted at a support and recovery room. R came over and I showed him all the software I had on my laptop. I also installed two games and gave R older games that won't work on my newer system. R likes computer games but I am no longer such a big fan of these games.

I read the last few week's newspapers and got a lot of them ready for recycling. I studied a bit more of the articles for my drug law course and generally continued to clean up. I think cleaning up is one more thing I need to do to recover.

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