September 13, 2004

Morning meeting no problem by adjusting my sleep

One problem with sedative medications is waking up on time for appointments. My first solution that I still use is too only make appointments in the afternoon. Another solution is to wake up at 10 PM or 2 AM or sometime like that and then sleep at 4 PM or 6PM. Today I woke up at 7 PM last night I slept at about 9 AM in the morning on Sunday. So Saturday was about a 29 hour day. But now I am well timed for a community meeting this morning and an early morning class Tuesday and Thursday. I have some union volunteering on Wednesday and my first law class on Tuesday. My math class continues this week and I have been hired to be a teaching assistant in one statistics tutorial group. I wanted two groups but one should be ok given I have other work and a lot of studying to do. I did a fair amount of studying on Saturday. This morning I have been printing notes and making notes and investigating a criminology degree for my graduate studies.

Posted by petert at September 13, 2004 06:25 AM


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