September 23, 2004

Feeling great after this week of studies.

I am feeling great now. Right now I just took 1 g of vitamin C and 1 g of niacin so that helps me feel good. But also today I signed some work contracts so my TA work is officially started and this was the first week I ran labs at school. We are broke now and I am behind on reporting income and I have an assignment due tomorrow and a proposal to hand in next week but those problems are manageable and I have no work scheduled for a few days after I give another lab later this afternoon. I was busy yesterday working and volunteering. I got really mad when I had no lunch yesterday but had two dinners last night so things were balanced. I had to wake up this morning early with only 6 hours sleep but got to my class and have still near the end of the month now missed no classes. I have been out of the house for long streaches of time so neglecting my home duties a bit. Meanwhile my wife has been pushing me to get her book reviewed and a reviewer has stepped forward in the consumer community and sounds very positive and wants to help us sell the book of poems. So there is some very positive news for both of us today even with our budget approaching a disaster. I may appeal to someone for financial help given that my math pay will be late. Another thing I feel good about is meeting people and getting along with them such as supervisors at work, fellow disability activists, other scholars and school workers, and also neighbours. I am feeling great and yes the week isn't over yet but today is a good day.

Posted by petert at September 23, 2004 01:47 PM


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