October 03, 2004

Relaxing a bit

A combination of sickness and procrastination are keeping me from working at the moment. When I use the word sickness I just mean a cold. I guess it brings up being off work for health reasons. I hardly ever miss work these days.

My friend dropped by tonight as I was waking up. We talked but it didn't lead to a great argument. I kept quiet at times. We agreed that we should not gossip. We got at some basic communication patterns in schizophrenia. We concluded that some people have to bolster their self esteem by seeking feedback for their actions. Seems heavy psychiatric intervention gives a great deal of feedback on our actions yet insults us by labelling us insane. Ah the mysteries of having a serious mental illness. We get used to being therapised.

I am enjoying reading drug law policy but dreading doing my math homework. I am good at the math homework but I am procrastinating as usual. I also think I am so great at computer crime law but actually need to get working on that too. I guess my cold is stopping more than just my paid work. I have been slowly and progressively doing my teaching assistant work.

Posted by petert at October 3, 2004 09:44 PM


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