October 05, 2004

Studying a lot on Tuesday's

I have to study a fair amount on Tuesday's. I have about 4.5 hours of class each Tuesday this term. I do have a half hour break between the first 1.5 hours and the last 3. Today was complicated by union volunteering. I enjoyed my off study time. I started to study non-professional crisis counselling when the day was done. I had a good chat with my dad on the phone about school work. I also had a few bus rides but they were during nine to five rush hours. They were not as realaxing as bus rides can sometimes be. Also I am carrying a coffee mug around now which is a problem some times with spills and coffee mugs are not allowed everywhere as they are a drink. I don't take my coffee in the computer labs at school for instance.

I attended classes today. I participated quite a bit. I got into a discussion of the professor's use of the word schizophrenic to describe approaches of anti-drug adds used in the drug war. I have not studied much out side of class on this course but spent about an hour this past weekend reading for next week. I also spent a couple of hours last week studying the readings for today. We looked at urban geography and environmental design was discussed. We also looked at politics and the historical leadership of the anti-drug forces. We watched anti-drug adds on a computer set up with a projector in class.

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