October 17, 2004

Even with more work and studies I seem to find time to relax.

Even with the pressure of getting work done at home I seem to take a fair amount of time off to organise my work and also surf the net for relaxation. I find when I am surfing the net that I will do a fair amount of research on web sites or journals articles. This really helps my school work. I also chat for support with day to day issues with strangers. Being an older middle aged Internet user this is not that much of a threat or risk. I do find chats to be verbally abusive at times but this is par for the course when your dealing with life's more serious issues like mental health and addictions. I am enjoying reading Stanton Peele's The Diseasing of America these past two days. I am up to date and on top of the writing for my law courses. I am catching up on my math work and should be ok for my paid math work this week. Another thing about relaxing on the computer is that I can mix in some statistical software lab prepartation. I think I will ask my brother and father for some help getting some of this statistical software for my own home use.

Posted by petert at October 17, 2004 01:12 AM


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