December 01, 2004

Up early in the morning

I am up early today. I got my drug law paper handed in on time. I have to do a case brief this morning. I also have to study numerical analysis and have one more class tomorrow. We ended on the topic of numerical methods to solve Ordinary Differential Equations's. I read a little deeper on this topic. I got my take home exam for my drug law course and was just printing out thre references we are allowed to use in a list and week by week on a seperate piece of paper for each week. I will make notes on these sheets.

I am just doing back ups right now in hard copy of my blogs. I am also just about to burn a back up CD for my files on my laptop computer. I used a USB memory key yesterday to take my drug law paper to the library and use computers there to add a few more footnotes from a library book and then print on a laser printer for my final copy that I handed it. Run on sentence? Yes I have schizpophrenia and that means racing thoughts.

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