December 06, 2004

Intense studies this weekend

I spent about 4 hours since waking up at 4 PM working on my exam maybe 6 hours. I have four pages written now and need about 2 more for the first question on my exam. It seems to be a good answer so far. I have another question to answer for a total of two questions on this exam. I will start the second question later today. I will sleep first though.

I was also able to set up a search strategy for finding old computer crime cases and they don't really start until the 1990's although there is at least one case pre-1990. I spent about one hour downloading the cases and briefly reading them. I need to brief these cases before adding them to my mini paper. So I have spent about 8 hours at the computer now for about 11 hours awake. I will try now to sleep but first I will complete marking one courses assignments. I need to take some books back to the library today but should sleep now.

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