December 23, 2004

I worked a little on my law paper and checked out next terms courses

I spent a good five hours researching my law paper. I read a few journals articles old and new. I am finding a lot of common ground between computer crime researchers. I guess my goal of learning as much as I can about computer crime or rather coming to know this crime well is happening and that was one goal for this course. I better let my dad know that because he wants to know what my goals are with all this studying. This at least is one goal amongst the hundereds that make up my life.

I looked at the price of textbooks for next term courses. I also read the outline for the medical issues in criminal law course. The main topic of this course is criminal law and psychiatry. Well, well, now here's a course that would be useful and that I might do very well with given my first hand knowledge of the topic of psychiatry.

I did just get off the phone with my dad and he seemed pleased with what I told him. He asked about how much space we had for our Christmas tree and I said we had space. That makes the entire past nuclear family of mine who have commented on our apartment in the past two weeks. If you can relate this to communication patterns in the schizophrenics family then you have some proof that there is more to schizophrenia than biochemical imbalance. While the biochemistry view is true and all and I hold it in great esteem there is much more going on. Even psychiatry is no longer really about dreams and the subconscious but is about coaching people in daily living.

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