December 24, 2004

Christmas presents for those of us with mental illness

I got the chocolate for the neighbours. I wrapped them yesterday and my wife delivered them. The first aid kits arrived for J and C. Also I picked up the emergency solar flash lights for them. I feel these are good useful emergency items that everyone should have so I am giving them away as gifts. I am also giving J a TV and a computer. I am getting myself an old Power Mac 7100/66 with Mac OS 8.6 for about 25$ to work with the Apple 15AV monitor. I also got myself a Palm Tungsten W cell phone organiser but may not be able to use the cell phone function with our local wireless providers. Today my wife is buying me a memory card that will work with this palm. I plan to put mp3's from the iTunes store on this card for playing on the palm W. I got her some opera CD's and a DVD/VHS player. Our family helped us pay for all this stuff because even though I work we are poor and we live on a government disability allowance. I also report all my earnings and gifts. Which reminds me I need to report income for the past 30 days.

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