December 28, 2004

Router was non-functional took it back and bought non-tech stuff.

I did buy a wireless router yes. I had it working with the wired port and even had somewhat of a wireless connection working. But then yesterday when I tried out the wireless it wasn't working. So I upgraded the firmware but then nothing about it worked. I called the companies support line and after much resetting and pinging the help lady who I think was in India told me to take it back to the store which I did. I spent about 20 minutes in the store looking for stuff to buy with my refund but bought nothing.

I also yesterday spent about 15 minutes in a book store but slowly realised that I could get books at libraries and my brother gave us an gift certifcate so we have some new books in the mail to us anyways. I did spend about 20 minutes in an artists shop I have frequented since 1981 when I studied map making. After getting my refund at Staples I went back to the art shop and bought some Air Brush paint for painting my little role playing game miniatures. After this I came home and painted a little and then still had some money for my wife to order pizza. I slept at 3 PM and woke up this morning at 1:30 am. I have been happily using my laptop and Mac computer all morning. I have not done any studying this morning yet.

I am tempted to go and buy another router today and see if I can get one that works. At least the store have a 30 day money back guarantee{sp?}. I may just get some more space crates and file folders.

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