January 02, 2005

Still can't decide on which course to take this winter

I still can't decide on whether to take data mining or medical issues in criminal law this winter. I can only take one course. Taking the law course now means my degree is done sooner. But taking the data mining course may only be possible this term and the course may not be offered again soon. Of course, taking the data mining course means I will be studying a mix of statistics and law this winter. This was suggested by the school psychologist. It will also mean that books will cost a lot.

I am for sure studying for my honours paper this winter and have been working on it yesterday for about an hour or two. I need to put some more time into it this morning. I did read some more general computer ethics material. I have some computer cirme cases to look up. But these cases concern detailed legal technicalities rather than substantive law. I seem to have some what of a history written now but need to rewrite a bit before handing it in this coming week.

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