January 05, 2005

Staying up late again.

I printed out a bunch of the material for the policing course and will attend the first lecture this afternoon. I also read some of this material. This could be my final optional law course in my degree. I would only have one core required course in public law to do this summer and I would be done by September. Two degrees completed.

On Sunday even though I went to sleep as planned at 2 PM I slept until 3 AM Monday morning which was 13 hours of sleep and unexpected. Then I needed to stay up until 1 AM Monday night and just dragged myself out of bed on Tuesday at 11 AM for a dentist appointment. I have been up all day since then and will try to stay up for a 31 hours day today.

I got more of my mini paper done and arranged to see my professor this morning at 10:30 AM. Then it is off to the law class and then right after that the statistical computing class. Then I can come home and sleep at 6 PM. Then Thursday hopefully I will be up early to go out of town for a self help group network meeting. Then I have Friday and most of Satruday off of school or work or volunteering. Then I am working a night shift on Saturday night. Then school again on Monday. By Tuesday next week I should have decided on what course I will study this term having by then checked out three courses to choose from.

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