February 05, 2005

Tried to visit someone on the affective disorders ward tonight.

I am on a board of directors with some other consumers. One of these people is voluntarily in hospital right now. I went to the hospital and tried to visit him. I had never been on this ward. That relates to my delusions I had last time in hospital where I thought I had been in that hospital before but probably had never been there in my life. I am 100% certain I had never physically been on this particular ward I was visiting tonight. This speaks of my present sanity and being involved more in my own awareness these days and in awareness of the mental health system. In the past I tried to avoid this system. Anyways my friend G was not there.

I came home by bus and marked some statistics assignments. I am just going on shift in my volunteer work now until 8 am. I will study law and statistics over night while being on call. Maybe I will write some more of my honours paper and I will mark some more of the statistics assigments. I will also help a little with getting the newspapers ready for delivery but I won't actually go out and deliver them as I have to be on call all night.

Posted by petert at February 5, 2005 10:27 PM


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