February 08, 2005

Marking like crazy and now writing a lot.

I am working on marking some statistics assignments. I worked all morning for about 4 hours in total. I also read a little more about some self help and did my usual off-line journal.

I basically stayed inside since getting home from work Monday morning. When I slept today it was from 8 AM to 5 PM. When I woke up I went out almost right away to a volunteer meeting. I am talking to another volunteer M about herbal medications and our spouses' psychiatric meds. It is good to meet others involved in psychiatry. I have also met some one involved in a food purchase program who has depression. Psychiatry seems to be a common enough topic with just about anyone.

After getting home from my meeting I started to work on email, then listened to some music and got my wife her meds. She was out with some support workers tonight and other consumers watching films. We are ordering some DVD's and building our collection. I spent the last hour or so perfecting my computer crime paper and now must get back to marking statistics assignments over night. In the morning I have a lab to give and then maybe see my honours paper supervisor if he is free. My coordinator in our disabled student's centre again cancelled an appoinment this week.

Then I will attend a union by-election where I will run as president of our local if no one else does. Then after this meeting on Chinese New Years day with Chinese food being served I will go to another meeting. This time this will be a green party school club meeting.

Then I go out to my bi-weekly role playing game for a 31 hour day.

Posted by petert at February 8, 2005 11:29 PM


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