February 15, 2005

New Dressor, new ethernet switch and new safety shoes

I got my wife a new Ikea 6 drawer dressor for her birthday. I set it up on Sunday. Last week I bought a new linksys 5 port ethernet switch at a local computer shop. This local computer shop promises good prices and is maybe what is known as a modifications shop or mod shop. They sell a lot of fans and cases for computers.

I bought myself a custom case a couple of years ago. I got it working now with Debian Linux and KDE and its Duron 850Mhz chip. It has 256MB ram. I don't use it a lot because I have two newer computers that are functioning fine.

I also bought just yesterday something on sale at Zellers. I had been meaning to buy some safety shoes and ended up with a pair of safety hikers for 44$. They are not made by a well know company or a company known particularly for their quality. But they seem solid and have the approved safety features I need such as steel toe and bottom plate and are also electrical shock resistant. They are for stage hand work mostly but really will work for any construction or moving work. My workplace provides me with safety Oxfords for my security work. My old pair of safety boots bought in 1995 have fallen apart. Now I actually have three pairs of safety shoes. I am a strong believer in safety and have considering becoming trained in health and safety in the workplace. I know a fair amount and read ergonomics and safety engineering literature from our school's library. These new safety shoes are fun too not just plain black Oxfords. I will try not to wear them in winter or in the rain.

Speaking of weather I will reinstall our air conditioning in about two months. It will be our first summer with air conditioning.

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