March 01, 2005

I got a data mining assignment done on time.

I was was under pressure yesterday to get my data mining assignment done on time and got it done. The professor granted an extension so I can also do some more work on this assignment. I was printing like mad and my printer ran out of paper which means I had to reboot the laptop and this caused more time lose. I did though not blow my top and managed to feel good at getting this done. I am thinking graduate school in statistics is not such a hard thing to do.

I have not been working on my law paper for a few days and my supervisor wants to discuss some comments on the structure of the paper at this point. I have to meet with him sometime this week.

I have been studying AA in self help group research studies. I have also been reading a little Parker the original computer crime researcher from the 1970's in the USA. I have also been reading about cities and terrorism and non-spaces. Good civil defence and addressing grievences before they cause violence is what is needed. As well we must continue to reform liberal society to be more caring and yet more on guard for possible inamicability.

Posted by petert at March 1, 2005 03:45 AM


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