March 04, 2005

R,C and J here again, L still here, T here talking by computer.

As usual R, J and C came by and we talked about mental health and other topics like sexuality and the horrible news today that four mounties had been killed. But as the night wore on I got to my school work and started to phase out of the living room conversation and eventually barely said good bye to our guests.

I had gotten on-line with my wireless computer on the living room coffee table and was searching criminal code sections to add to my paper. When I went on line my computer told me T had logged into her MSN account so we chatted briefly. I completed my copy and paste of criminal code sections and printed the new section of my paper on legislation. I just need to proof read it now. I had an appointment earlier in the day with my supervisor and wanted to get to work with his suggestions. Ok T wasn't really here but it sounds Internet cool eh?

Posted by petert at March 4, 2005 11:56 PM


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