March 11, 2005

Working hard the last two days

Well it is still Thursday for me. I can kind of give up the need to sleep odd hours as I had a regular week up till now. Although I wasn't really early for work I wasn't late either. I just spent two days working and volunteering a lot which is why I didn't write anything here. I got all the assignments and mid-terms marked in one lab section I am assigned to.

I also gave two labs last night. I got out of the second lab and went to hear a Chief Technology Officer of a major company speak at our school. I came home and read interesting bits from a few books. Then I wrote some of my paper. I then created a list of books I had read in January and February last year. I spent about two hours surfing

Since my last entry I have become a member of the Association of Internet Researchers. I got some new job offers and signed a contract to do some web content management for one of my union locals.

I have my data mining course later today in the evening. I am going to proof read and write some of more of my paper now and take a good long break from the computer. I'll also take some vitamins and make some late night coffee.

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