March 14, 2005

I worked on my law paper until early Monday morning

I worked on my law paper until early Monday morning. I am just now at 3:00 AM going to sleep having taken my meds an hour ago. I got all the US cases properly cited in the bibliography and now need to format those and add them to the footnotes. I also this morning/night added case content from about 8 cases. I have insider crimes, I have credit card crimes, I have infamous cases and I have police using hacking cases. My paper is becoming too long now. I need a rewrite tomorrow on Tuesday.

I printed out data mining lecture notes for my lecture later tonight. I read a little about mining XML semi structured documents with various algorithms. I briefly just reviewed an assignment I will have to mark. My mom advised me not to start a Ph.D in criminology but to continue to work in teaching statistics and that graduate school in statistics would be better for me.

I studied KDE downloads at the KDE home page. I spent about two hours on my two Linux computers late last night before getting to work on my law paper. I shouldn't have printed the section of the law paper that I did because right away I edited it more on the computer screen and small parts of it changed again.

I must sleep goodnight big world out there. Stay free.

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