March 17, 2005

3 hours working today as a teacher.

I gave three one hour labs today in statistics in particular covering stratified random sampling. I also picked up almost 80 assignments to mark. I figure I have about ten days to do this and it will take about 20 hours of my teaching assistant time budget. I also have 2-3 hours to mark 20 assignments from another course.

I budgeted and prioritised all my study, work, and other activities just now. I am only looking forward with school work and teaching work about 1 week and slightly into the next week after that. It is year end now but I am also preparing for this summer's course in public law. Since I have had this blog I have completed 2 credits in law or 2/5's of a normal university year and half a credit in computer math or one term course. I am staying up an extra few hours tonight. I will start marking the 20 assignments tonight and get those half done before sleeping. I am back dating this entry 1 hour.

Posted by petert at March 17, 2005 11:57 PM


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