April 03, 2005

Yesterday was a busy day shopping

I had been up since 8 PM Friday. My friend R dropped by and we watched some of his DVD called I Robot. We didn't watch the whole thing. I then studied getting some of my honours paper done and some surfing the web. I also was on call in my victims support work. In the morning after being up all night/Saturday morning I helped with the newspaper. I then went to school and got some books the library had on hold for me. I then went out and bought cigarettes and picked up a tea pot. I avoided spending on credit yesterday. I also bought lemons and coffees. I browser Chapters bookstore for math, philosophy, community and culture and wicca books. I came home and slept at 2 PM. My wife made tabuli salad later in the day.

Posted by petert at April 3, 2005 02:02 PM


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