April 14, 2005

I picked out new eye glass frames today

I think glasses are a key part of the teacher stereotype. I also think they are key in the graduate student image. They are also part of the cyber punk author image. My glasses have to function in all these roles. Thus I chose a fairly Matrix like pair of glasses with clip on sunglasses. I also chose a fairly functional pair of glasses that will have safety lens and also will fit under safety glasses and will be UV protective. They are also scratch resistant. The frames are titanium and light weight. I am finding wearing my ten year old frames that were picked when I was into military style, to be heavy after a day of wearing them. So basically my new glasses like my most recent pair three or four years ago function as an intellectual symbol of cool. The choice was also from the unisex glasses rather than a proscribed male pair of glasses. Although one could argue that unisex is also a proscription.

Posted by petert at April 14, 2005 11:36 PM


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