April 23, 2005

Setting goals for homework/school work.

Again I am figuring out how much time to spend on some school work. I figure since most classes are 45 hours and my data mining final project is worth 55% of the final grade that about 55% of my time should be spent on the final project. Since it is recommended that one spend about 4 times the class time out of class. I figure about 180 hours are needed for each class out of class. 55% of this would be about 100 hours. Last night I figured I could still spend 48 hours on the project before I have to hand it in. I spent four of these hours last night/this morning on the project. I should put in another 2 hours before Sunday. Then Sunday I will not put in any hours as I am working on Sunday but I will bring a book about data mining to work to read when it is quiet at work. I am up now from 5 PM and I slept this morning at 7 am. So I got ten hours sleep and feel well rested.

Posted by petert at April 23, 2005 08:24 PM


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