May 13, 2005

I needed to get angry with my wife before the newspapers got recycled.

I had an angry fit yesterday and then complained that the doorway was crowded with newspapers and other trash that needed to be recycled. I went out shopping and cooled down and when I got home everything was cleaned up. But my wife would not kiss me last night. Today things were better and I booked our train tickets for visiting our daughter later in June. I also called up both of our fathers to request some money for our tickets. So even with me being a productive professional worker and union activist and volunteer in various community development ventures we still need family support to live our lives.

I bought our house guest some medicine for her diahrea and also some basic first aid supplies that were on sale. I also bought coloured pencils to continue my anatomy colouring book. I also bought my wife a game of Monopoly she has wanted for a while.

No one needs to get angry though and I appologised.

Posted by petert at May 13, 2005 02:28 AM


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