May 30, 2005

In from teaching work a little down about my committment to teaching.

I was almost overwhelmed by requests for help in my late lab tonight. I gave two labs and also a test tonight. I feel I should have given the students more but I told them I was only paid for so much and that I was tired.

I chatted with two other disabled students again at the train stop. I explained maximum likelihood estimators a concept while easy to understand for a upper year math or engineering student or science student to work with these estimators is more difficult.

I was on call for 6 hours today but there were no calls. I also attended an arts committee meeting at our self help group. Related to this I named my ready made sculpture Vintage Keyboarding but now will change the name slightly to Vintage Keyboard. The day went well very busy very little money spent. I just spent money on food and drink.

I booked two security shifts and have almost confirmed our union executive retreat and also almost confirmed my first aid recert and CPR recert.

Posted by petert at May 30, 2005 10:30 PM


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