June 20, 2005

Worked 24 hours in two shifts this past weekend.

I am just waking up after sleeping about 5 hours. I worked two 12 hours shifts this weekend. This was my security work job I was working at. In a few hours I am working in my teaching job. I was worried that I would not wake up on time for my second security shift and also my statistics teaching today. But I am up and ready to go. I have one late assignment to grade and then I will be collecting the second assignment today. I will also be giving a test this evening at 7 PM. I have two basic statistics labs to give as well one at 5 PM and another at 9 PM. There is a Ph.D. liberation party this evening in a local bar for a fellow worker and criminology doctorate candidate who has just completed her oral defence this afternoon.

Tomorrow we have a day long union meeting to discuss union local priorities for the coming year.

Posted by petert at June 20, 2005 02:42 PM


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