June 27, 2005

Yahoo, another spring term ends successfully!

After a steady pace and then two long days and one short day I completed my essay. I worked with a tutor this morning and got the paper touched up. Mostly with these tutors they point out grammar errors then it is up to me to rewrite the sentence. I then handed it in to the law department office.

Well this course requires this one essay then a final exam. The exam is in mid August. One of school friends who also has a mental illness is writing a mid term test in statistics tonight at 7 PM. I helped him with some concepts from multiple regression while we smoked in front of the library. I couldn't directly answer his question but I helped him understand the whys and hows of making multiple regression models. He asked about the sequential sum of squares something I don't know about.

Posted by petert at June 27, 2005 04:48 PM


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