July 03, 2005

Getting back into reading academic books overnight.

I read five books while on break from marking. I know more about cyberculture now and the basics of French post-modern cultural theory. I also know more about Silicon Valley North from a business and success perspective. I also know a little bit more about some philosophical foundations of human rights now. I also know more about uncertain input and how and why to use the worse case scenario method. I need to read much more about this for statistics graduate school. I also know more about my school and graduate school from reading the school calendars. I also watched more public law lectures. I also know a little bit more about the iBook now. I bought an iBook which might arrive by UPS delivery this coming week. I believe in a beautiful computer world. I guess it was another 24 hours of advanced study.

Posted by petert at July 3, 2005 03:04 PM


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